Codina Group's headquarters are located in Hostalets de Balenyà (Barcelona). Our site is strategically located at a meeting point between the Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal and Andorra) and the rest of Europe.

Codina Group's headquarters extend over an area of 28,000 m2. We have more than 15,000 m2 of owned facilities prepared to provide the best possible service, regardless of the type of freight, and throughout the INTEGRATED logistics cycle:


  • 3.500 M2 of storage space at room temperature
  • 3.500 M2 of storage space at controlled temperature.
  • 1.500 M2 of refrigerated storage space at + 4ºC
  • 250 M2 of storage space for frozen products currently, and 3000 m2 in early 2021.
  • 400 M2 of office space


New Projects!


In May 2020, we started a new 2500 m2 FROZEN PRODUCTS warehouse that will be able to store 2800 additional pallets in the first phase, and will reach up to 5000 m2 for 8000 pallets once the project is completed. The first phase will be completed in May 2021.


In order to always take care of the environment, all the necessary measures for sustainable growth will be implemented in this project.

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