Green Logistics

Green logistics and sustainable transport's advantages



  • One of the main issues we are currently facing is the pollution of our planet. Climate change and global warming are very worrying facts for the continuity of all living beings as we know it. The time has come for all of us to become aware of this and to start acting. The decisions we make today will dictate our future.

  • There are many reasons for climate change, but one of the main ones is the transport of people and freights. 40% of atmospheric emissions in Spain come from cars, trucks, buses, planes, etc...

  • Transports Codina works towards clear key SUSTAINABILITY goals, and commits to 'GREEN LOGISTICS' that respects the environment, as we are aware of the serious impact that freight mobility represents.

  • Catalonia 2030 Alliance

“The 2030 Agenda on sustainable development, adopted by the United Nations on 25 September 2015, is the global roadmap for facing humanity's major challenges. With 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it is an agenda that works on eradicating poverty and inequality, ensuring a healthy, safe and peaceful life for current and future generations, as well as upholding democracy, human rights and gender equality. Furthermore, it also calls for protecting the environment, addressing climate change, developing dynamic and inclusive economies, and ensuring decent work for all”.


CODINA adheres to this as a 2020 initiative, and implements action plans for 3 of the 17 SDG's.

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions

Less polluting vehicles. Currently, 80% of our fleet consists of EURO 6-certified vehicles. New engines with this technology reduce polluting particle emissions by as much as six times.


Alternative energy. Renewing our commercial car fleet with electric cars. Currently, we already have the first car, and we are planning to renovate the fleet entirely in the next three years.


Load optimisation. We monitor route optimisation through our management system. We guarantee vehicle optimisation, mileage reduction and, therefore, less pollution


Training in energy-efficient and sustainable driving. We work on aspects such as consumption optimisation and energy efficiency, which bring great economic benefits and care for the environment.

  • Renewable energies

Our facilities have a large solar panel installation, covering more than 6000 m2, through which we provide the grid with more than 4,000,000 kWh of green energy.

  • Reducing energy consumption

Energy-saving lighting in all our installations

  • Recycling

One of the most important green logistics processes is collecting waste and separating it so that it can be reused. To this end, we have more than 50 recycling containers distributed throughout our facilities.
We reuse more than 85% of the waste we generate, giving it a new life within the concept of circular economy.

  • Organic matter. All the organic matter we generate is destined for composting.

  • Plastic and cardboard. They are collected separately to be reused.

  • Broken wood and pallets. They are intended to obtain wood chips or sawdust for the production of biomass or compounds.

In spite of our iniciatives, Transports Codina is very aware that all these measures are not enough to stop global warming, and for this reason we reaffirm our COMMITMENT to achieve SUSTAINABLE development, and we have started a 2021 Project called 'CODINA GREEN ', in which we will continue to work on, guiding all our future activities.

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