Controlled temperature +16 a +18


  • Temperature-controlled logistics requires perfect execution; therefore, it is essential to maintain the temperature chain throughout the entire manufacturing and distribution process up to the point of sale.
  • Working the fresh, refrigerated and frozen supply chain is a challenge for Codina Group.



But what are the challenges of temperature controlled logistics?


  • The distribution of products at a controlled temperature mobilizes large resources, hence the importance of efficiency in operations.
  • 5 are the key aspects to take into account as confirmed by AECOC:
    - Maintain and respect the legal and recommended temperatures
    - Streamline operations - Optimal warehouses, transportation and point of sale
    - Control the temperature throughout the process
    - Training and awareness of all members of the supply chain
  • At Codina Group we are clear about the challenge of keeping each of its products at the correct temperature to preserve the highest quality of the product.



  • Specially focused on the food sector, we dedicate 25.000m3, with a capacity of 3.000 pallets, to storage at a controlled temperature of +16ºC a +18ºC with very strict protocols to avoid any cross contamination.

  • We have a long history, as well as experience, operating in controlled temperature environments offering a complete range of solutions dedicated to specific operations for the food sector.



  • Codina Group, which has been operating in the industry since 1955, guarantees maximum quality in refrigerated road transport of temperature-sensitive freights, at a Spanish regional and domestic level, as well as at an international level.


    We have our own fleet of refrigerated vehicles equipped with thermal separators.


    • Highly qualified personnel specialised in the transport of food products.
    • Daily and regular departures to different destinations.
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