Codina Group is the essence of the people who work there.

We are a dynamic team whose members share a VISION and turn our daily effort into a dream, with the goal of achieving the greatest client, supplier and colleague satisfaction.

Codina Group
offers its employees and collaborators the best conditions to develop their potential and professional career to the fullest, helping them find their talent, improve their skills and their professional experience.

Jacint Codina

Founder of Transports Codina. A visionary and entrepreneurial leader with a clear vocation and great passion for the industry.

Sílvia Codina

Head of the Commercial and Innovation department. Highly-responsible entrepreneur with a personal leadership who always has a positive attitude.

Lluís Codina

General Manager and CEO. Strategic and executive leader with great commitment and dedication to the business and to fulfilling our mission.

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We offer services for all types of freight with the most innovative and personalised solutions.


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